Gluten-Free and Naturally Cured

Smokehouse Naturally Cured Whiskey

NEW! A game-changer for all whiskey aficionados, Smokehouse is naturally cured whiskey developed using a proprietary natural curing and aging technique.

With the first lift of your glass you’ll will notice the spirit’s mouth-watering smoked BBQ nose, silky smooth taste and delightful finish. On the rocks or in a Bloody Mary, Smokehouse will leave you “hungry for more”.

Clemoncy Lemon Whiskey

45% ABV, 750 ml (90 Proof)
Virginia MIPS Code: 27769
Retail Price: $39.99


Buy Smokehouse at MurLarkey Distilled Spirits or
Order it at your local Virginia ABC store using the MIPS code above
Clemoncy Lemon Whiskey