Gluten-Free Old Country Whiskey

Heritage Old Country Whiskey

Heritage pays homage to our Irish ancestry and honors true whiskey devotees. It is our interpretation of a classic Irish Whiskey.

Painstakingly crafted and wine cask finished, it starts with a mash bill of premium corn, rye and barley culminating in a premium quality “Old Country” whiskey.

Heritage is a whiskey for whiskey lovers. It offers an inviting nose, enticing taste the smooth finish reminiscent of a rare pre-prohibition spirit. Enjoy this spirit on the rocks or neat with a “titch” of water.

Clemoncy Lemon Whiskey

50% ABV, 750 ml (100 Proof)
Virginia MIPS Code: 28020
Retail Price: $49.99


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Clemoncy Lemon Whiskey