Gluten-Free Vodka

gluten free vodka

This premium gluten free vodka begins with the unique sweetness that only comes from potato, then coats the mouth with natural glycerin for an ultra-smooth finish with no ethanol burn.

This pure potato vodka is all-natural and gluten-free. Made in our Virginia distillery using the finest ingredients, Divine Clarity delivers a fresh clean taste that only a handcrafted potato vodka can deliver. Sweet to the nose and smooth to the lips, you will be able to taste the “craft” in Divine Clarity from the moment it reaches your glass.

Divine Clarity, one taste and you will see! Such a perfect spirit is Divine.

gluten free vodka

40% ABV, 750 ml (80 Proof)
Virginia MIPS Code: 36942
Retail Price: $27.69


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Order it at your local Virginia ABC store using the MIPS code above
Divine Clarity Gluten Free Vodka

Divine Clarity Product Sheet (PDF)