MurLarkey Spirits

All MurLarkey spirits are made with pride from the highest quality ingredients; handcrafted and distilled to perfection in traditional, small-batch, artisan fashion. MurLarkey uses only the finest, all-natural raw materials, grains and botanicals in each and every one of our premium spirits.

Clemoncy is our lemon-infused whiskey, Justice is our premium white whiskey, Cincerity is our cinnamon-infused whiskey, Divine Clarity is our premium gluten-free potato vodka, and Imagination is our all-natural botanical gin.

MurLarkey Distilled Spirits is a Certified Craft Distilled Spirit producer, recognized and certified by the American Distilling Institute. We are located in Prince William County, convenient to Washington DC, Baltimore, MD and Northern Virginia. If you are going to a concert at Jiffy Lube Live this summer, stop by the Jiffy Lube Live VIP Lounge where MurLarkey is the exclusive provider of craft spirits. We also invite you to come take a tour of our distillery and sample our fine spirits.

MurLarkey Spirits - Clemoncy


Lemon-Infused Whiskey

MurLarkey Spirits - Justice


Premium White Whiskey

MurLarkey Spirits - Cincerity


Cinnamon-Infused Whiskey

MurLarkey Spirits - Divine Clarity


Premium Potato Vodka

MurLarkey Spirits - Imagination


All-Natural Botanical Gin