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Lemon Whiskey


Our Lemon Whiskey is handcrafted with pride and certified gluten-free. It starts with our award-winning Justice™ white whiskey which is gently poured over the highest quality, all-natural lemon zest and left to infuse in a white oak barrel until it reaches perfection.

This infused whiskey, formerly known as Clemoncy, is made from a proprietary blend of locally sourced Virginia corn and barley. Aged in oak barrels over lemon peels, our Lemon Whiskey is the embodiment of an all-natural small batch whiskey with no artificial color, flavor or preservatives.

Try it on any occasion. On the rocks, as an aperitif, with a splash of lemonade or your favorite mixer.

Always refreshing and all-natural.


Lemon Whiskey available at: MurLarkey Distillery and select Virginia ABC stores

For Out of State purchases (not including Virginia), please visit Potomac Wine & Spirits and order online.