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Divine Clarity Vodka


Two-Time International Gold Medal Winner!

An American Distilling Institute’s international GOLD MEDAL WINNER, MurLarkey’s 100% pure potato vodka is all-natural and certified gluten-free. Handcrafted with pride and distilled 16 times through a 25-foot reflux column still, then “polished” to perfection over activated carbon and charcoal filtered.

Divine Clarity® delivers uncompromising taste, freshness and quality in every bottle. Sweet to the nose and smooth on the tongue, you will taste the “craft” from the moment it reaches your lips.

Divine Clarity — One taste and you will forever know why such a perfect spirit is considered Divine.


Divine Clarity Vodka available at: MurLarkey Distillery or your nearest Virginia ABC store.

For Out of State purchases (not including Virginia), please visit Potomac Wine & Spirits and order online.