The Making of a Legacy

The Making of a Legacy

Starting with a meager 23 gallon copper still and a dream, a small team of family, friends and professionals set out to create a legacy. Drawing on each other’s professional background, experience and skill set, the intrepid team weathered the tempest of state and federal regulations from concept to Certified Craft Distillery.

Cousins Thomas Murray, Michael & James Larkin, along with George “Papi” Zwetkow, Marc Cucchiaro, Ian Purcell, James Curry, Jesse Puckett and Paul Roberts have teamed up with to create something truly special.
MurLarkey is an American Distilling Institute (ADI) Certified Craft Distilled Spirit producer. From humble beginnings, the MurLarkey team has painstakingly perfected their Spirits. All MurLarkey spirits are distilled onsite at our Bristow, VA distillery, located just 35 minutes outside of Washington DC.

For centuries the Irish have inspired the world with their literature, poetry, song, tenacity and of course their famous humor. At MurLarkey, we embody these traditions and put them in each and every bottle of our Craft Spirits. Distilled to perfection, packaged with pride and delivered with cheer. Our legacy to your lips. We hope you will share in our “MurLarkey”.

The MurLarkey Name

Katie Bannon came to this great country with a third grade education and three dollars in her pocket. Bill Kelly came from the coal mines under the Irish Sea, where he worked for a penny a day. They met in Boston and moved to the bustling streets of New York City starting a new life; and so the MurLarkey story began. Bill and Katie married and had five beautiful children.

Paying homage to their grandparents and playing off the Irish word malarkey (“festive, silly”), cousins and Co-Founders, Thomas Murray and Michael Larkin, incorporated their families’ three names to form the company name Mur-Lar-key.

Tom and Mike set out to tell the story of their Irish heritage through what could be argued as the greatest of Irish inventions; the elixir we all know as whiskey; uisce beatha or “The Water of Life”.

These wonderful grandparents instilled many qualities in their family. Important qualities like loyalty, perseverance, honor and humor. More important to the story, they also passed down the family recipe for whiskey. Known in Ireland as Poitin, it’s traditionally distilled from malted barley, grain, treacle, sugar beet, or potatoes. The Kelly recipe had many different forms (one was made from potatoes; others were made from grain and corn), but all were excellent.

Following the Kelly’s time honored and proven recipes, we distill with the finest ingredients, all-natural and locally sourced. The full selection of MurLarkey Spirits are artfully distilled, naturally infused and blended using the traditional techniques and modern distilling technology. This attention to the “little things” enables us to craft distill, an ultra-pure and all-natural array of products that are unique and exciting. We’re confident that with just one taste of our quality Spirits, you’ll join in our “MurLarkey forever.