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MurLarkey is only as good as what others feel about our spirits. Below you’ll find 100’s of reviews on others experiences.

    positive review  Amazing Customer Service! If you haven’t visited, please make it a goal. You will not be disappointed, if you are tell someone and they will make it right!

    Jim Lilek Avatar Jim Lilek
    February 10, 2019

    5 star review  Amazing service, knowledgeable staff, great atmosphere!

    Amanda Wolsak Avatar Amanda Wolsak
    April 29, 2017

    5 star review  Great one on one attention from the staff. They didn’t just give us a flight and leave us. They educated us to the process and showed us how to make cocktails with their whiskeys. Definitely recommend!

    Angela Clary Duckworth Avatar Angela Clary Duckworth
    July 8, 2018

    5 star review  I'm a whisky man. Anyone who knows me, knows I love Scotch and Irish whisky. With that being said, they have multiple infused whiskys, cinnamon will turn you off fireball, banana you could certainly bake with, and the heritage is a nice take on the traditional Irish whisky I love. Kevin even got me a shot of the Brutality they offer. 100 proof. Awesome flavor, like this and the Vodka they make it has almost no burn to it. Quite impressive. Ended up leaving with a brutality T shirt. If you are a traditional whisky drinker, I recommend you at least try this place for the inviting staff. Cheers.

    Kyle Alexander Wright Avatar Kyle Alexander Wright
    March 11, 2018

    5 star review  Best experience I've ever had at a distillery!! The operators of the distillery gave my friends and I a full understanding of mixology with whiskey! So much fun!

    Meliessa Kelley Avatar Meliessa Kelley
    February 2, 2018

    positive review  Seriously what is not to love about this place. The staff is great, the atmosphere are quaint and the spirits are delicious. NO burn, amazing infused flavor and smooth to the last drop. Can't wait until our next visit.

    Melissa Dancico Avatar Melissa Dancico
    February 10, 2019

    5 star review  This one of the greatest secrets around. An excellent tasting and you get to learn something at the same time. I recommend the classic tasting.

    Ray Ford Avatar Ray Ford
    July 23, 2018

    5 star review  This is somewhere you will love � not only because the spirits, and I mean alcohol here, are smooth and interesting but the spirit displayed by the family members who run this place are infectious! Also, Jesse, who is their chief mixer or masher gives a darn good tour and taste! Go, you will love it!

    Linda Silver Bufano Avatar Linda Silver Bufano
    January 8, 2017

    positive review  I was never a whiskey drinker until I came here! Friendly staff, great drinks!! Move over rum and tequila - whiskey has a new place on my drink menu!

    Ana Bialek Avatar Ana Bialek
    September 1, 2018

    5 star review  Awesome products and always a great time. The people that run this place are great to be around and very knowledgeable!

    John Leu Avatar John Leu
    August 14, 2016

    5 star review  Husband took me (us) there for my Birthday did the tour and tasting and it was Fabulous! Then friends and I enjoyed a cocktail as we leisurely enjoyed the atmosphere and birthday gifts.. if your thinking of going do it you wont be sorry. �

    Kari Lang-Costello Avatar Kari Lang-Costello
    December 17, 2017

    5 star review  First time visitor last Saturday. One of the owners greeted me at the door, told me about their offerings and let me sample some for free (a tasting flight is usually 15.00). Based on my tastes and his recommendation, I tried a Mule...a mix of their lemon infused whisky and ginger beer. LOVED IT. Great spirits, great customer service. I'll be back and will bring friends next time.

    Atrab Jeff Avatar Atrab Jeff
    May 24, 2017

    positive review  The. Best. Come and visit the distillery!

    Stephen Gongaware Avatar Stephen Gongaware
    December 8, 2018

    positive review  Small batches with a variety of infused spirits.

    Tim Langdon Avatar Tim Langdon
    December 8, 2018

    5 star review  Best products around. I will support them as one of the best.

    Thomas Wagner Avatar Thomas Wagner
    September 3, 2017

    5 star review  We had such a wonderful time at MurLarkey's distillery!! Great tour and colorful tasting followed by some wonderful cocktails. Great outing for friends! Will definitely be back!!!

    Greg Trnka Avatar Greg Trnka
    April 30, 2017

    positive review  Great people even better Spirits, stop by for a tasting

    Dan Howell Avatar Dan Howell
    June 29, 2018

    positive review  Oh em gee!!!! This was the best distillery if ever been to!!! Great staff and great atmosphere!!!!

    Joshua Arrington Avatar Joshua Arrington
    February 3, 2019

    5 star review  Great people, great spirits, and everyone should visit

    Victor Kohnke Avatar Victor Kohnke
    June 9, 2018

    5 star review  Smoothest whiskey and vodka ever. Imagination is now my mom's favorite gin (since her tasting and tour). While I am not a big fan of cinnamon, Cincerity slides down with ease. My favorites are Clemoncy, Divine Clarity and Justice.

    Janet Jandrositz Avatar Janet Jandrositz
    June 4, 2016

    positive review  The staff is very knowledgeable, it is amazing what these people can do with liquor. I just don't know where to start.... Probably at the bar with one of their many awesome infusions. Soon to definitely be at Tarbenders Lounge. Papi is a genius.

    Paul Zangos Avatar Paul Zangos
    December 20, 2018

    5 star review  A wonderful experience . True customer service & awesome people. Super excited to see what they come out with next . Highly recommend going

    Kristina Chappell Avatar Kristina Chappell
    February 27, 2017

    5 star review  Had a blast last night. This place was so much fun. The Owners were very professional and really took great care of us. The special lemonade drink was to die for!!! Surprise 50th Birthday Party was a huge hit here!

    Carrie Crim Scott Avatar Carrie Crim Scott
    September 25, 2016

    5 star review  Exceptional owners/staff- friendly, knowledgeable, and they clearly love what they're doing. We met them at a tasting event, and had to check out the facility when we were in the neighborhood a couple of days later. The cocktails they offer are great, as are the underlying spirits (even stuff I don't normally care for, like whiskey).

    Kim Sikora Panza Avatar Kim Sikora Panza
    August 28, 2016

    5 star review  Wonderful family-owned business with friendly staff. Don't forget to take the tour and have a drink at the end. Fabulous products and relaxing atmosphere. Can't wait to visit again!

    Meghan Ruth Avatar Meghan Ruth
    November 20, 2016

    5 star review  This place is gonna be big Liquor done right

    Jordan Taylor Gillum Avatar Jordan Taylor Gillum
    February 28, 2016

    5 star review  Great people! Great drinks! Great time! Can't wait to go back!

    Brooke Barricks Arcia Avatar Brooke Barricks Arcia
    April 30, 2017

    5 star review  Everyone at MurLarkey was amazing during our private party. They provided a tasteful, welcoming atmosphere. The only thing better than their wonderful, genuine, customer service was the drinks! All of the guests at our party complimented me on choosing this venue. There is not even one negative thing I can say about Murlarkey. We, as well as our guests, will be back again soon. I highly recommend MurLarkey for tastings, having a drink, as well as a private event.

    Jeanine Cyrwus Avatar Jeanine Cyrwus
    August 20, 2017