Customer Reviews

MurLarkey is only as good as what others feel about our spirits. Below you’ll find 100’s of reviews on others experiences.

    5 star review  I was a bit skeptical at first since the whisky isn't barrel aged but to my surprise Justice is a fantastically smooth and melo whiskey . You get a hint of the corn before the easy warming finish. No burn, no bite, just a good sipping whiskey. Great job, i will be back for another bottle.

    thumb Pierre Cannon

    5 star review  I'm a whisky man. Anyone who knows me, knows I love Scotch and Irish whisky. With that being said, they have multiple infused whiskys, cinnamon will turn you off fireball, banana you could certainly bake with, and the heritage is a nice take on the traditional Irish whisky I love. Kevin even got me a shot of the Brutality they offer. 100 proof. Awesome flavor, like this and the Vodka they make it has almost no burn to it. Quite impressive. Ended up leaving with a brutality T shirt. If you are a traditional whisky drinker, I recommend you at least try this place for the inviting staff. Cheers.

    thumb Kyle Alexander Wright

    5 star review  Stopped by after seeing they finally opened. We weren't disappointed, we were given a tour by one of the owners on how they distill their whiskeys and vodka. You can tell they take pride in their process. The spirits were smooth but had great flavor. Then we were able to taste all their spirits and enjoyed them all. We bought the cinnamon and lemon whiskeys and can't wait to share with others.

    thumb Ashley Henderson

    5 star review  Great place. Every employee is awesome

    thumb Jennifer Meteyer

    5 star review  Outstanding atmosphere, customer service, and product(s). Jim and his crew made the day for us! 100% recommend this to anyone interested in fine spirits, and a good time! I'm Michael Koch and I approve this review!

    thumb Michael Koch

    5 star review  Fantastic place: great liquors, decor, mixed drinks, staff and owners. Highly recommend.

    thumb Chris Cj Adams

    5 star review  This one of the greatest secrets around. An excellent tasting and you get to learn something at the same time. I recommend the classic tasting.

    thumb Ray Ford

    5 star review  Amazing tour and tasting. Very casual and friendly atmosphere and they love experimenting with flavors. I mentioned how awesome it would be for them to do a spiced chocolate cocktail and a minute later they were having me sample one. This is such a fun and random place to find in an industrial park, but worth it.

    thumb Rissa Obcemea

    5 star review  The enthusiasm and excitement for what they are doing is a breath of fresh air. Also, their spirits are second to none. They love what they do and it shows in their products. Wonderful people and a wonderful visit to their establishment. Sláinte!

    thumb George Maxwell

    5 star review  Absolutely loved this place! Stopped there on a whim. So glad we did. Met the owner. He was a great guy. Lots of fun. Will definitely be back. Oh yeah, took home a bottle of vodka too.

    thumb Johnny P. Latch

    positive review  The banana infused whiskey is awesome and so is the chocolate truffle drink!

    thumb Kate Gardiner

    5 star review  Wonderful family-owned business with friendly staff. Don't forget to take the tour and have a drink at the end. Fabulous products and relaxing atmosphere. Can't wait to visit again!

    thumb Meghan Ruth

    positive review  MurLarkey’s is one of my favorite spots. Great way to start the weekend. Smoothest Vodka I have the pleasure to drink.

    thumb Drew Fleming

    5 star review  Had a great time and learned a lot.....very friendly place.

    thumb Tammy Morgan

    5 star review  We came in with a group of 6 to celebrate my wife's birthday. This was our first visit and we had a great time. We brought our own snacks and tried as many of the MurLarkey cocktails as limits would allow. We'll be back !!

    thumb Charles L. Gallion

    5 star review  Such a cool place and great group of people running it. Delicious drinks.

    thumb Dan Bomar

    5 star review  I loved it! My girlfriends and I went here for our monthly girl's night out and loved it. It's very informative as it relates to the tour as well as the tasting. It's a family oriented establishment and the atmosphere is warm and very pleasant. The drinks they served us were superb. I highly recommend this establishment. If you're looking for a great spot to eat afterwards ask Mike lol, we went to Bjs Restaurant and Brewhouse and they failed to disappoint as well. Papi was the absolute best host during our tasting and he's full of drink specials to take away and try at home. Jesse did our tour and we nicknamed him Alex P. Keaton from Family Ties (Micheal J. Fox's character)lol, he did an excellent breakdown of their process. Ian was great too, and he has his own restaurant he Co-owns, that I intend to check out. What can I say, I thoroughly enjoyed everyone there, they're the best!

    thumb Chrissy Baylor

    5 star review  Great place . The smokehouse whiskey makes the best bloody mary. The staff was great and the products were top shelf.

    thumb Arthur F Miller

    5 star review  Awesome people, great crowd and amazing drinks! By far one of the best distilleries in this area.

    thumb Sam Atapour

    5 star review  Staff is very friendly and cocktails are outstanding! Highly recommend a visit on the way to your concert at Jiffy Lube Live.

    thumb Karl Paulsen

    positive review  Though not a whiskey person, they converted me!!!!

    thumb Karla Fears

    5 star review  Great place! The owners and relatives are super nice! Can't wait to go back! Good luck to them!

    thumb Michelle Barnaby

    5 star review  Great owners and staff! Love all the whiskeys and gin. We’ve done the tastings twice. Such distinct flavors and Papi’s infusions are truly outstanding! We purchased one bottle of each!!��

    thumb Sharilyn Wasser

    5 star review  My wife and I decided to check some of the local distilleries out here in Virginia. We stopped at MurLarkey to take the tour and have a tasting of their products. We have starting bringing friends out for the tours and tastings and come back on a regular basis to restock our own supplies. Good people and quality products.

    thumb Joseph Voss

    5 star review  Great tour and explanation of what they're distilling and why. Family owned and operated. Thanks for a great experience.

    thumb Brian Jackson

    positive review  a very nice little stop on any weekend.

    thumb Mark Richard Prew

    5 star review  Great distillary! Excellent whiskey, gin, & vodka! Staff was phenomenal! Highly recommend!!

    thumb Tiffany Valenti-Adams

    5 star review  Great atmosphere, friendly staff, a good social place with awesome drinks, try the Havana food truck awesome!

    thumb Kurt Mraz