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Cinnamon Whiskey

Labeled as a superfood with many health benefits, cinnamon is a perfect ingredient for one of our more popular infused whiskeys. It starts with our award-winning Justice™ White Whiskey, which is gently poured over the highest quality, all-natural cinnamon sticks and left to infuse in a white oak barrel until it reaches perfection.

Cinnamon Whiskey can be enjoyed neat or on the rocks. Try it with apple cider and ginger beer for a new twist on the classic mule or in a Hot Toddy.

  • Appearance

    Dark Crimson Hue

  • Nose

    Cinnamon Spice
    Corn Sweetness
    Rugged Vanilla Overtones

  • Taste

    This premium infused whiskey surrounds your mouth with the pleasant warmth of fresh cinnamon while rounding out and finishing with locally milled sweetcorn and fresh Virginia barley.