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Birthright Bourbon Distiller’s Select

At MurLarkey, we lovingly hand craft our spirits with pride in traditional small-batch artisan fashion; culminating in an experience that captures and echoes the renowned quality, hospitality and good times MurLarkey is famous for: that sense of joy, belonging and family, complemented by spirits that bring you back to that happy place with each glass.

Birthright Bourbon is a true small batch craft bourbon with a mash bill of 70% corn, 20% rye, and 10% apple and cherry wood smoked malted barley. Birthright was aged in new, No. 4 char barrels for 4 years in a metal, non-climate controlled rickhouse, experiencing all the natural temperature and barometric pressure changes northern Virginia is famous for. We hope you enjoy and appreciate this straight bourbon whiskey made with the highest quality ingredients, distilled to perfection in traditional small batch artisan fashion.

  • Appearance

    Dark Amber Hue

  • Nose


  • Taste

    Opens with thick mouthfeel coats the tongue and starts off with sweet caramel and vanilla, transitioning to fruit oak and tobacco. Finishes long and sweet ending with a hint of smoke.