Five Fantastic MurLarkey Freezer Door Cocktails

December 19, 2022

If you’re entertaining at home, freezer door cocktails are the way to go!

A freezer door cocktail is a batched drink you mix right in a spirit bottle and then stick in the freezer door so it’s cold and ready to go whenever you need it. Just give it a shake and serve!

Here are five freezer door cocktails you can try using our award-winning, all-natural MurLarkey spirits:

Espresso Martini
9 oz MurLarkey Divine Clarity Vodka
6 oz MurLarkey Coffee Whiskey
3 oz coffee liquor
3 oz vanilla creamer

007 Martini
12 oz MurLarkey Divine Clarity Vodka
3 oz MurLarkey Orange Whiskey
3 oz Triple Sec

8 oz MurLarkey Imagination Gin
8 oz Campari
8 oz sweet vermouth

Heritage Old Fashioned
16 oz MurLarkey Heritage Whiskey
3 tsp. aromatic bitters
4 oz turbinado sugar syrup or simple syrup

Heritage Manhattan
12 oz MurLarkey Heritage Whiskey
6 oz sweet vermouth
2 tsp. aromatic bitters