Update On MurLarkey’s Farm To Flask® Initiative To Reduce Environmental Impact And Support Local Trade Partners

January 27, 2022

BRISTOW, Va., January 27, 2022 — MurLarkey® Distilled Spirits is pleased to report MurLarkey’s Farm To Flask® Initiative has achieved substantial progress over the past year, significantly reducing the company’s environmental impact while supporting local trade partners.

In 2021, MurLarkey CEO Thomas Murray unveiled the Farm To Flask® Initiative: a corporate mandate to reduce environmental impact while supporting local trade partners wherever possible across all aspects of business, including raw materials, manufacturing, packaging, shipping, and sales channels and trade.

Within the past year, great progress has been made in the following areas:

    • Hyper-local focus on sourcing raw materials from sustainable growers/providers in Virginia – MurLarkey’s corn and grain is now 100% VA-based
    • Re-use of manufacturing byproducts as feed and fertilizer by providing it free to area farmers
    • Use of regionally made US glass
    • New, re-engineered, eco-friendly packaging for MurLarkey’s Bootleg Boys® RTD line to further reduce carbon footprint
    • Implementing and leveraging smart-technology in an e-commerce wholesale portal environment to provide frictionless order placement and fulfillment, significantly improving shipping logistics and helping reduce gas emissions
    • Supporting accounts and local economies by promulgating the “Buy Local” message

“The idea is simple – live local, support local, provide local”, said Murray. “I think the recent COVID experience and now the supply chain issues woke many companies up to the fact that we are all in this together and must be cognizant of not just the environmental impact, but also the socio-economic impact we now face in many localities.”

“MurLarkey has always strived to be a socially and environmentally conscious leader in our space. From our fundraising contributions to such organizations as the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, to our humanitarian contributions in providing free hand sanitizer to local residents and families in the early days of the pandemic, this initiative illustrates our core values and demonstrates our continued commitment to our business practices, by contributing to sustainable environmental, social, community and economic development.”

MurLarkey will continue to look for ways to support local and reduce its environmental impact as part of the MurLarkey Farm To Flask® Initiative in 2022 and beyond.