Straight Bourbon Whiskey

MurLarkey Releases First Premium Craft Bourbon, Birthright™ Straight Bourbon Whiskey

MurLarkey® Distilled Spirits is excited to announce the release of its first bourbon, Birthright™ Straight Bourbon Whiskey, the latest addition to its internationally acclaimed line of premium, small batch craft spirits.

Birthright Batch No. 1 is a true small batch craft bourbon with a mash bill of 70% corn, 20% rye, and 10% apple and cherry wood smoked malted barley. Birthright was aged in new, No. 4 char barrels for 2.5 years in a metal, non-climate controlled rickhouse, experiencing all the natural temperature and barometric pressure changes northern Virginia is famous for.

Bottled at 100 proof (50% ABV), Birthright has a dark amber hue with smokey vanilla and cherry notes on the nose. Birthright has a distinctive flavor profile, opening with rich notes of smoke and spice gently transitioning to vanilla and caramel with a hint of cherry before concluding with a long, smooth finish of lingering spice and tobacco notes.

MurLarkey has earned an international reputation for its all-natural line of premium craft spirits, winning international gold medals for its vodka, gin, and whiskeys. Like all of MurLarkey’s products, Birthright was handcrafted with the highest quality, locally sourced ingredients in traditional small batch artisan fashion.

“Kevin and Papi put their hearts and souls into Birthright and it paid off,” said Tom Murray, MurLarkey CEO. “It is the most complex, yet completely drinkable 100 proof Bourbon I have ever tasted. In addition to their undisputed distillation skills, their idea of aging it in a metal rickhouse (exposing it to the full assault of the dramatic Virginia temperature changes) added to the spirit’s magic. As I joke with them, ‘When was the last time you saw a 2.5 year old kick a 4 year old’s butt?’ Take one sip and you’ll see.”

MurLarkey Birthright Bourbon is now available for pre-order online at for delivery or local pick-up and will be released Friday, November 19 at the MurLarkey Distillery Store in Bristow, Va.