Papi’s Done It Again! Divine Clarity’s New Mash Bill Results In The ‘Perfect Vodka’

A message from MurLarkey CEO Tom Murray:
Divine Clarity, MurLarkey’s amazing two-time gold medal-winning vodka, is going hyper-local in support of Virginia corn producers.

What started (as many things do here at MurLarkey) as an experiment, has resulted in a superior product while furthering MurLarkey’s corporate commitment to reduce environmental impact and support Virginia Farmers.

A little while ago, Papi wanted to explore flavor profiles of vodka distilled from various grains. What resulted amazed us – a clean, smooth, slightly sweet spirit that is truly exceptional. A spirit Papi himself proclaimed to be the “perfect vodka”. A vodka so good, in fact, that MurLarkey has made the strategic decision to permanently migrate our Divine Clarity mash bill from potato to pure, fresh, Virginia corn and go head-to-head with all other vodkas in what we’re calling the Divine Challenge.

Given our Divine Clarity is a two-time international gold medal winner, some may consider changing our mash bill to be a risky move. To that, we simply reply: Taste it! In fact, we’re so confident that we invite all vodka lovers to take the Divine Challenge – put any vodka you like head-to-head in a blind taste test. We know you will agree – Divine Clarity is the Perfect Vodka!

Distilled 16 times in a reflux column still, polished over activated carbon, ultra-clean, 100% farm-fresh, gluten-free corn, smooth, and subtly sweet. Simply Divine!

Until the end of November, get our Divine Clarity Vodka on sale in Virginia! Click Here to order today and take the Divine Challenge!