MurLarkey Gifts For Father's Day

Great MurLarkey Gifts For Father’s Day

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and we’re all on the hunt to find the perfect gift! 

Here at MurLarkey, we have a wide selection of award-winning spirits, kits, and distillery experiences available for your Dad to enjoy! Here are some great MurLarkey gift ideas for your Father’s Day present:


Salsa Borracha Whiskey

Does your dad enjoy drinks bursting with flavor? If so, our one-of-a-kind Salsa Borracha Whiskey is the perfect present! 

This limited-release infused whiskey is a spirit like no other. Starting with our finest corn whiskey, Salsa Borracha is distilled and infused with 15 all-natural botanicals, fresh garden vegetables, and spices using a proprietary technique similar to the London Dry Technique of gin distillation. The resulting spirit is an explosion of delicious salsa flavor in a crystal clear whiskey. Perfect for a Bloody Mary with Father’s Day brunch, or in a delicious Martini!


Bootlegged Lemonade Boxed Cocktail – Currently Available Only in the On-Site Distillery Store

Have you planned a special outing with your dad? Golfing, boating, fishing, etc.?  Our Bootlegged Lemonade Boxed Cocktail is the perfect accompaniment – easy to enjoy anywhere! 

Made with premium MurLarkey Lemon Whiskey and 100% all-natural lemonade and containing 1.75 liters (equivalent to over 2 750ml bottles) of deliciousness, your father will be enjoying MurLarkey Bootlegged Lemonade all summer long.


Old Fashioned Kits

For the father who loves an Old Fashioned, look no further! You can’t go wrong with Papi’s Classic Old Fashioned Kit, featuring our award-winning Heritage Whiskey. Or if your dad likes something smokier, try Papi’s Smokehouse Old Fashioned Kit, featuring our Gold Medal-winning Smokehouse Whiskey.

Each kit also includes a 375ml bottle of Papi’s Old Fashined Mixer! Perfectly balanced, the mixer contains a proprietary blend of hand-made, turbinado sugar syrup, Amarena cherry juice and a dash of Baldies Bitters™. Making the perfect Old Fashioned has never been easier!


Bootleg Boys Bible

Does your dad fancy himself a Master Mixologist? Give him the official cocktail recipe book of MurLarkey’s Master Mixologist, George ‘Papi’ Zwetkow!

The Bootleg Boys Bible contains over ninety craft cocktail recipes, from perennial favorites like the Old Fashioned and Martini to unique specialty cocktails invented by Papi himself!


Tasting Room Experiences

Treat your dad to a trip to MurLarkey! Your father will enjoy two (per person) amazing craft cocktails of his choice selected from Papi’s personally curated list during a relaxing, fun-filled hour in our award-winning Tasting Room.

The Tasting Room is currently open Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays for reservations. Seating is limited, so join the fun and book your tickets today!


Happy Father’s Day, MurLarkey Army!