How MurLarkey Got Its Name

A question we often get asked from visitors to the Tasting Room: How did we come up with the name ‘MurLarkey’? 

And funny enough, this is the answer: MurLarkey is the family name! 

Second-generation Irish-American Tom Murray and his cousins Mike and Jim Larkin founded the company in 2013. To honor their Irish heritage – and have some fun with the Irish word ‘malarkey’ – the boys combined their family names with that of their grandparents, the Kelly’s, and MurLarkey (Murray + Larkin + Kelly) Distilled Spirits was born. 

The MurLarkey crest featured on all of our bottles also takes inspiration from family tradition, merging elements from the Murray, Larkin, and Kelly family crests. The two stags represent the Irish spirit of siblings (or in this case, cousins) who “fight today but are always friends tomorrow.” We may get on each other’s nerves now and then, but at MurLarkey we’re all part of the same big, fun-loving, spirit-drinking family! 

Starting with a meager 23-gallon copper still and a dream, Murray and the Larkins, along with a small team of friends and family, set out to create a legacy. Drawing on each other’s professional backgrounds and skill sets, the team began distilling high-quality, small-batch spirits. 

Fast forward to today, and MurLarkey has become one of the fastest-growing craft distilleries in the country, recently ranked the No. 4 distillery in the U.S. by Travel + Leisure. 

The culture of family runs through everything we do here at MurLarkey. Whether this is your first trip to our Tasting Room or your tenth, you’ll be greeted with a warm smile, a delicious drink, and a wonderful atmosphere full of joy and laughter. 

Can’t make it out to the distillery? The MurLarkey experience is one that can be enjoyed by anyone anywhere! Our international award-winning spirits were thoughtfully designed to make it effortless to create and enjoy unique and delicious craft cocktails. We make it fun and easy to take your bar – and your shared experiences – to the next level.

At MurLarkey, we’re in the business of bringing people together to celebrate life and share simple pleasures. And whether you gather at the distillery, at your favorite watering hole, or at home, there’s a seat – and spirit – for everyone at our table. So grab a bottle, raise a glass, and join the MurLarkey family!