Savor the Moment with Brutality Cask 18 “Prized Possession”

UPDATE: As we predicted, Brutality Cask 18 SOLD OUT quick…in just four hours, in fact!

Thank you so much for the incredible support. For those picking up on Friday, we look forward to celebrating with you!

March is an important month for all of us at MurLarkey. It marks the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, a day to come together and take pride in our Irish heritage, which resonates throughout our distillery and all of our award-winning spirits.

As such, it’s only fitting we mark this special time of the year with the release of Brutality Cask 18 “Prized Possession”, our smallest, oldest, and most exclusive single cask to date. Now available for pre-order, Brutality Cask 18 comes out this Friday, March 12.

“This is a special cask for sure. Not only is it our oldest yet, but it also produced the lowest yield, which tells me the Angels like it as much as Papi and Kevin do,” said MurLarkey CEO Tom Murray.

To create this “Prized Possession”, we started with our Mashbill #2 (70% corn, 20% rye, 10% Applewood smoked barley) and aged it for 3.8 years in a single, heavily charred, red wine barrel to give it a distinct and royal flavor profile. 

Its amazing dark copper hue is complemented with long, cascading legs when the glass is tilted. A bright nose of cherries, vanilla, and bakery treats creates an olfactory sensation fading into caramel toffee with salty overtones on your tongue.  

Hints of smoky goodness tantalize the back palate then give way to a long and satisfying brown sugar finish.

“We charred a wine cask using the old world technique of burning hay in the open barrel to give it a good strong, deep char. The result is an amazing copper hue and great viscosity. A complex spirit with a delicious cherry note on top”, said Kevin Szady, MurLarkey Head Distiller.  

With only a 180-bottle yield, we recommend pre-ordering Brutality Cask 18 today. (For context: Brutality Cask 17, a 250-bottle yield, sold out in less than two days!)

You can pre-order online or at the distillery store. Choose local pick-up or delivery at checkout; local pick-up will be available March 12th starting at noon, and delivery orders will be processed and shipped March 12th by FedEx. All 180 bottles will be hand signed by the MurLarkey Founders! 

But if you’re feeling bold, just come out to the distillery on March 12th and see if we have any bottles left. Even if we’re sold out, we love seeing you, and Papi will pour you a shot of something nice as consolation!