Bring the 100-Proof Heat with MurLarkey Heritage Whiskey

What’s better than ending your evening with a delicious glass of whiskey? And no whiskey gives you the perfect balance of flavor and heat than MurLarkey Heritage Whiskey!

Heritage pays homage to our Irish ancestry and honors true whiskey devotees. Painstakingly crafted and wine cask finished, it starts with a mash bill of premium corn, rye, and barley culminating in a premium quality “Old Country” whiskey.

Bottled at 100 proof, Heritage offers an inviting nose, an enticing taste, and a smooth finish reminiscent of a rare pre-prohibition spirit.

“It’s complex and very rich,” Virginia Spirits Enthusiast Matt Jones said during a tasting of Heritage Whiskey for Virginia Spirits Month last September. “Some spice on there, but it’s pretty soft and kind of buttery.”

“And bottled at 100 proof? That’s impressive.” 

Our Heritage Whiskey has earned international recognition at some of the spirits world’s most prestigious competitions. In 2018, Heritage took home bronze medals from both the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and the American Distilling Institute’s Judging of Craft Spirits.

Kara Newman of Wine Enthusiast gave Heritage Whiskey a rating of 86 points, writing: “The nose and palate are dominantly oaky, but also shows smaller amounts of caramel, cocoa powder, allspice and clove, finishing fiery. Adding water coaxes out a subtle suggestion of red fruit.”

MurLarkey Heritage Whiskey can be enjoyed on the rocks, with a “titch” of water, or in a variety of delicious cocktails. If you love an Old Fashioned, grab our Classic Old Fashioned Kit which includes a bottle of Heritage Whiskey and a bottle of Papi’s Old Fashioned Mixer, made from a proprietary blend of hand-made, turbinado sugar syrup, Amarena cherry juice, and a dash of Baldies Bitters™.

Find MurLarkey Heritage Whiskey at your nearest VA ABC store, or swing by and get a bottle at our on-site distillery store in Bristow, VA.