MurLarkey Divine Clarity Vodka

Make Your Drink Heavenly with MurLarkey Divine Clarity Vodka

There are many great craft vodkas out there. But none has the crisp, heavenly smoothness and taste of MurLarkey Divine Clarity Vodka. 

Our Divine Clarity Vodka is made with 100% pure Virginia corn. Distilled 16 times through a 25-foot reflux column still, Divine Clarity is then “polished” to perfection over activated carbon and charcoal filtered for 48-72 hours.

The result is an all-natural, certified gluten-free vodka that delivers uncompromising taste, freshness, and quality in every bottle. Sweet to the nose and smooth on the tongue, you’ll immediately realize why this spirit is considered “Divine.” It can be enjoyed as is, on the rocks, or just add a dash of olive juice to make a delicious, clean Divine Martini!

“It’s almost like spring water with a hint of sweetness on the back end of it,” says MurLarkey Head Distiller Kevin Szady. 

Divine Clarity is one of MurLarkey’s most decorated spirits. In 2018, it took home Gold Medals from both the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and the American Distilling Institute Judging of Craft Spirits, two of the most prestigious international spirits competitions in the world. 

Wine Enthusiast’s Kara Newman named Divine Clarity Vodka a “Best Buy,” giving it a rating of 90 points. “Look for a mild mushroom tone and distinctly earthy palate that’s accented by black pepper,” she wrote.

Most recently, MurLarkey won the Savor Virginia’s Best 2021 Platinum Award for Best Distillery for Vodka, having won Gold in the same category in the 2020 edition of the competition

Get MurLarkey Divine Clarity Vodka at your nearest Virginia ABC store, or swing by and get a bottle at our on-site distillery store in Bristow, VA.