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In Good Spirits: The Renaissance of the Cocktail Party

As we adapt to the “new normal,” small social gatherings, special occasions, and now the holidays are lending themselves to the rapid rebirth of the cocktail party. Wherein pre-COVID party hosts would focus on food—creative hors d ’overs or unique entrees—today, they find themselves scouring the internet and social media in search of bespoke craft cocktails in an effort to impress their guests and enliven their event. Party-goers are expecting more than a vodka-tonic and hosts want to show off their burgeoning mixology skills without risking failure. MurLarkey Distilled Spirits, a craft spirit brand, is leading the charge in this effort.

MurLarkey is a Virginia-based craft distillery that’s coming on strong as the region’s go-to for exceptional spirits that are crowd-pleasers (aka: easy to share and fun to drink).

“If you want something that is unique and guaranteed to be delicious, pick up a bottle of MurLarkey. It is my go-to gift these days for birthdays and holidays—even as teacher gifts!” said Danielle Viates of Centreville, VA..

In a matter of a few years, the creative distillers at MurLarkey have developed an internationally acclaimed and award-winning line of small batch, craft spirits—winning the industry’s most prestigious golds across multiple categories—vodka, gin, and whiskey. Their all-natural infused line is also highly awarded, taking “Best in Category” distinctions for their flavored whiskeys, but it does not end there…

The MurLarkey Tasting Room is more of a world class cocktail bar experience than it is a traditional distillery tasting. In fact, MurLarkey has won numerous regional awards as the best place for cocktails in the DMV (DC, MD and Northern VA metroplex). The palate-pleasing spirits lend themselves perfectly to mixed drinks, so much so that MurLarkey published its own craft cocktail recipe book to satisfy their patrons and visitors from around the world. “When I have a party and want to impress, like I’m a mixologist, I offer a sampling of MurLarkey—usually the vodka or gin and then an infused whiskey or two based on the season, it’s honestly foolproof” said Malcom Higgins of Clifton, VA.

The MurLarkey team notes that the best craft spirits make the best craft cocktails—and that was a goal from the start. The family-owned business is a close-knit group who enjoy getting together not just at work but to enjoy all the moments in life. The aim was always to create a line of premium, delicious spirits that makes it easy for people to enjoy fabulous craft cocktails effortlessly, joyfully at their get-togethers. Looks like they’ve done it.

Currently MurLarkey’s wonderful spirits are only available in VA, DC and MD at present, though with deregulation surrounding DTC (direct to consumer) laws and distributors’ need to refine their craft strategy, we may see this emerging brand go nationwide very soon. For those of us outside the DMV, we can only hope.

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