Brutality Cask16 Oktoberfest

Brutality Cask 16 ‘Oktoberfest’ Takes Aged Whiskey to a Whole New Level (SOLD OUT)

Update: Thank you to our incredible MurLarkey Army for buying out the shelves of Brutality Cask 16 “Oktoberfest”. Your support is our inspiration for creating the magic in every MurLarkey bottle!

MurLarkey’s limited batch whiskey line “Brutality” is one of our most hotly anticipated products every year. And while each Brutality Cask is intentionally unique, this year’s edition, Brutality Cask 16 “Oktoberfest”, takes this to a whole new level.

After aging our Brutality Mashbill #1 (100% corn Whiskey) for two full years in a charred wine barrel, we blended it with a few gallons of Oktoberfest beer provided by our good friends at Tin Cannon Brewing Company and allowed it to continue aging for an additional year. We then blended it again and bottled it at 100 proof.

“Tin Cannon is very proud to work with MurLarkey on this, and other collaborations,” said John Hilkert, Co-Owner and General Manager at Tin Cannon Brewing Company. “Not only are MurLarkey’s distilled spirits the best in Virginia, their people are equally the best in the industry! So when given the opportunity to provide our Oktoberfest beer for distilling, Tin Cannon jumped at the chance.”

“The Brutality series is a fantastic whiskey, and now to experience the malt from the Oktoberfest in each sip is like double dipping – two great tastes in one!”

What resulted from this collaboration is a delicious three-year-old premium aged whiskey with gentle notes of vanilla, toasted bread, and a caramel-honey sweetness balanced by a moderate, soft bitterness and an ever-present roasted malt flavor.

We love Tin Cannon Brewing so it was a real treat to collaborate with them on this special release,” said MurLarkey’s Head Distiller Kevin Szady. “By using their Oktoberfest we were able to feature a unique take on an aged whiskey.”

“I love the unique finish on this whiskey with the big roasted malt flavors that are reminiscent of a classic Oktoberfest lager.  Enjoy a shot and a beer!”