It’s 5 O’clock for 30 Days: Celebrate #VASpiritsMonth With Murlarkey’s Award-winning Spirits

It’s September, and you know what that means: It’s Virginia Spirits Month!

This annual initiative put on by the Virginia Distillers Association and the Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control seeks to promote the local craft spirits industry and provide consumers with educational programs and resources centered around Virginia spirits.

This year’s celebration will also mark the 400th anniversary of Virginia as the Birthplace of American Spirits, commemorating the date when English colonist George Thorpe distilled the first batch of corn whiskey in America in 1620.

As part of the “It’s 5 O’Clock for 30 Days” campaign, MurLarkey is pleased to offer two of our award-winning spirits on sale for the entire month of September: our barrel-aged Heritage Whiskey, and our gold medal-winning Smokehouse Whiskey.

Heritage pays homage to our Irish ancestry and honors true whiskey devotees. Painstakingly crafted and finished in wine casks, it starts with a mash bill of premium corn, rye, and barley culminating in a premium quality “Old Country” whiskey. Bottled at 100 proof, Heritage offers an inviting nose, enticing taste, and the smooth finish reminiscent of a rare pre-prohibition spirit.

A game-changer for all whiskey aficionados, Smokehouse is naturally cured whiskey developed using a proprietary natural curing and aging technique. With the first lift of your glass, you’ll notice the spirit’s mouth-watering smoked BBQ nose, silky smooth taste, and delightful finish.

Additionally, on “Virginia Spirits Day” September 10 ONLY, you can purchase our two-time gold medal-winning Divine Clarity Vodka for 20% off! This 100% pure potato vodka is handcrafted with pride and distilled 16 times through a 25-foot reflux column still, then “polished” to perfection over activated carbon and charcoal filtered. Divine Clarity delivers uncompromising taste, freshness, and quality in every bottle. Sweet to the nose and smooth on the tongue, you will taste the “craft” from the moment it reaches your lips.

All of these spirits and more are available for Virginia residents to purchase on our online shop. And please pay us a visit soon to help celebrate Virginia Spirits Month. Remember: It’s 5 O’Clock for 30 Days!